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In twenty years of business, we've seen over 20,000 patients. We've maintained a 5 star rating with them all on both Google and Facebook. One of our main sources of new patients are referrals, which proves that our service leaves patients so satisfied that they send their friends and family for the same experience.

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Daily Tadalafil 5mg
1 Month (30 pills) - $149
3 Month (90 pills) - $399

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3 Month (18 pills)- $349

Planned Performance: Best for When You Can Schedule
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Dial It In

Sildenafil 20 mg
1 Month (25 pills) - $49
3 Month (90 pills) - $179

One Pill For The Thrill

Sildenafil 100 mg
1 Month (6 pills) - $59
3 Month (20 pills) - $199

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